5 Benefits of Lesson Recording

For many teachers, the idea of lesson recording is about as appealing as Meatloaf Mondays in the cafeteria.

Whether you’re worried about the technical hurdles or just self-conscious about hearing your own recorded voice, it’s no secret many teachers shy away from the prospect. But as technology continues to become refined, more teachers around the world are experiencing its transformative impact in the classroom.

Not convinced? Keep reading for the top five benefits you’ll unlock by regularly recording your practice.

1. A Powerful Reflection Tool

Teaching is a profession that demands constant improvement and growth. But how can you improve without any specific guidance or tools? Turns out, seeing yourself perform is incredibly instructive! By regularly recording lessons, you can identify opportunities for improving your instructional delivery as well as non-pedagogical habits such as posture, facial expressions, and movement patterns.

2. Absent Students - Reaching Without Re-teaching

Tired of re-teaching recycled material to absent students? When you start recording lessons regularly, you’ll have a bank of “ready-to-play” lessons that your students can access and re-watch at their convenience (even from the comfort of their own home). This can also be useful for students who need extra review.

3. Enable Home Help

Have you ever had your inbox flooded from parents asking about a particularly challenging homework question? Instead of offering a complicated, time-intensive explanation again and again to every concerned parent, why not share a prerecorded lesson with them? Even better, record it on an eGlass lightboard, so you can write your key lesson points on the screen and speak to them – while still maintaining eye contact with your audience!

4. A Student Presentation Lifesaver

 Effectively grading student presentations can seem impossible. The ‘hard’ written presentation is far easier to assess than a spoken presentation. But if you record your students’ presentations, you’ll be able to go back and rewatch them multiple times, enabling you to effectively and confidently grade different rubric criteria. If you’re using an eGlass in your class, you can give each student control of the ‘Glass’, enabling them to actually write key points of their presentation as they give it – and record every piece of information they convey – whether it’s written, spoken, or pulled up from their files onto the eGlass screen.

5. Improved Classroom Management

When your management is clicking well, and your students are dialed in, you’re able to hit a zone in which everything flows more easily, and little time is wasted. So here’s a simple truth about lesson recording: students behave better when they know they’re being recorded!

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