5 Fun Things You Can Do With Your eGlass

1. A Fantastic Blended Learning Tool

Are you tired of repeating your mini lessons when practicing group-based learning? Maybe you’ve found a solution in painstakingly crafting handouts for each group that deliver the curriculum for you. But is this really saving you time?

If you have an eGlass, you could outsmart this hassle by using it to record your mini lessons. Just record your lesson – writing on the eGlass while you make eye contact with your (future) audience for added impact and engagement! And if you have access to multiple computers, try recording a mini lesson for each group or station. This will automate your entire lesson, giving you the freedom to float around as additional support where needed.

2. Make a Classroom Vlog

Thanks to platforms like YouTube, millions of creators are now able to share their passions and experiences with the world. And there’s a good chance some (if not all) of your students spend hours of their weekly free time on YouTube. In fact, 81% of US parents use YouTube to find content for their children.

A classroom vlog (or video log) is a great way to create a digital portfolio of memories for your students, their parents, and yourself!* Use your eGlass to record your ideas, then let your students take their turns at the ‘Glass’ to map out their own ideas and thinking on the subject. Better yet, let your students create their own segments on your eGlass! And don’t forget – using the eGlass Fusion software, your students can easily drag and drop documents, browser pages, even videos onto the screen and interact with them.

*Just make sure you’re not posting these videos publicly for student privacy concerns.

3. Show Manipulatives

Many teachers use manipulatives to drive home simple mathematical concepts for younger students. But sometimes there aren’t enough sets (or time) for every student to benefit from this hands-on developmental approach.

Consider using your eGlass for a live demonstration of the concept as you explain the concept behind it. It’s as simple as dragging icons onto the screen, then drawing on them, moving them, even colouring them! This will allow every student to see what you’re doing on your classroom display. Plus, instead of buying the same manipulative set for each student, this approach allows you to buy several different sets to demonstrate various mathematical concepts.

4. Your Classroom Connection to The World

It’s no secret that students get engaged and excited when you bring in guest speakers such as artists, scientists, or police officers – but travel and scheduling can make these opportunities few and far between.

Using your eGlass Fusion software, you can instantly connect your class to interesting speakers using video conferencing software (like Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom) – no matter the distance! Even better, you can take notes on the eGlass to underline the points the speaker is making. It’s a small world!

5. Student Teachers!

There’s no better way to engage students, and fire up their creativity, than challenging them to teach from your trusty eGlass!

You can make student teaching a regular part of your lessons. When you’re done a section of content, invite one student up to write, draw and speak their interpretation of your lesson using the eGlass. Make sure you record every student’s ‘teaching’ to share with proud parents!

Have more ideas for using eGlass in your classroom to engage and spark fun? We’d love to hear them. Drop us a line at eGlass.io!