EdTech innovation that drives K-12 equity

“Innovative” may be an overused buzzword in some corners of the education technology marketplace, but that doesn’t contradict the reality that innovation is happening in schools across the U.S. 

To better understand the meaningful trends happening in K-12, we must connect innovative practices with their practical purpose, particularly the ways in which innovation improves equity, access and outcomes. eGlass, for example, is a transparent lightboard with a built-in camera that enables teachers to maintain critical eye contact with students while writing at the board. More important, it’s a tool for driving education equity for better outcomes, raising student engagement in any learning setting. 

So, what does a truly innovative school look like and what might we expect to see develop within the next 5-10 years?

Tom Davis is the guest on this episode and he shares a thoughtful perspective developed as a result of decades working closely with diverse groups of district leaders across the country. 

Tom is a former middle and high school bilingual science teacher, coach, administrator, grant writer, businessman and life-long learner. He currently serves as Director of Business Development at the Center for Educational Innovation in New York and previously served in the same capacity for both the California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators (CALSA) and the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS).

In this podcast, Tom joins CoSN podcast host Ross Romano to discuss the essential link between innovation and equity; how stakeholders from across the district, including tech directors, principals and teachers, must collaborate to drive meaningful innovation; how current funding packages, including ESSER, present both an opportunity and urgency around long-term planning; and what edtech leaders can learn from basketball players.

This episode is part two of a mini-series supported by eGlass. Learn more at https://eglass.io/