How to implement high-ROI edtech at scale

Billions of dollars are spent annually on promising education technology solutions, but how many are delivering ROI in the form of improved student outcomes? 

Often, the way to determine the best tools is to ensure alignment with teaching best practices and research-based approaches. When we rely on the right data and involve all stakeholders in the process, we can implement high-impact, innovative ideas at scale. 

Dr. Sonny Magana and Jon Corippo were invited to the CoSN podcast to discuss how to implement high-ROI tech like eGlass – and scale it rapidly. 

Sonny is an online learning pioneer who served as founding principal of Washington state’s first CyberSchool. He is an Oxford Research Scholar, award-winning teacher, and best-selling author whose latest book is Disruptive Classroom Technologies. Jon is a former teacher, assistant superintendent and IT director who has been recognized as a 20 to Watch Educator by the NSBA, a Top 100 Influencer in the 2019 EdTech Digest Awards and a 2020 Edtech Digest Awards Trendsetter. He also served as Chief Learning Officer of CUE and co-authored the Eduprotocol Field Guide Books 1 and 2.

In this podcast, host Ross Romano chats with Jon and Sonny about the type of collaboration between technology leaders, school administrators and teachers that leads to the best learning outcomes; how to implement high-impact ideas that simultaneously reduce teacher workload and avoid the risk of “initiative fatigue”; how to evaluate the research on given tools and approaches to see what data is worthwhile; and more. Both Jon and Sonny deliver ideas that can help districts involve all stakeholders, gain buy-in at each level, and implement innovative technology at scale. 

This episode is part three of a mini-series supported by eGlass. Learn more at