Meet The Team

The eGlass Team at InfoComm 21

Ji Shen, Chief Executive Officer

After his first startup venture was acquired, Ji focused his attention on creating technology for education. He started Pathway in his garage in 2009 when he introduced the world to HoverCam. eGlass followed that successful launch in 2020. Ji believes that if a whole generation of students can benefit from technology that empowers better learning, it’s a gratifying endeavor. Ji spends most of his time tinkering with product design and connecting dots, constantly pushing what’s possible in student engagement.


Craig Justice, EVP, Sales and Marketing

Craig was the second person ‘in the garage’ at Pathway in 2010. He loves travelling the world demonstrating cool eGlass and HoverCam products. What makes it all worthwhile for Craig? “I love seeing teachers smile when they see the potential, when they realize what’s possible, when they envision what our products can do for them and their students.”

Bayley Pierson, Director of Marketing

Bayley is Director of Marketing. He oversees all marketing activities to ensure they’re aligned from the perspective of brand, positioning, and messaging. On any given day, Bayley might dig deep into digital messaging, building out the website, naming and branding new products, PR, or measuring messaging effectiveness. More than a brand specialist, Bayley is a cool, calm connector who brings the founder’s vision to life. “Great brands are 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration – I love working with everyone to create famous brands.”

Helen Van Lingen, Marketing Specialist

Helen supports the marketing team in everything from digital and branding to strategy and trade show coordination. She’s infinitely curious and passionate about new technology. But anyone who knows her understands she’s a people person. She’s a wonderful conversationalist, putting everyone here at ease and in a good mood.

Luke Tevebaugh, Regional Sales Manager

Luke is the face of Pathway in the SE.  He’s where the rubber meets the road.  Literally.  On any given day, you’ll find him and his trusty Sprinter loaded up with eGlass and HoverCam goodies trucking (vanning?) along to the next conference or onsite demo.  After 22 years of serving the education industry on the instructional technology front, he knows a great thing when he sees it.  He says “Pathway, makes really great stuff.  You can quote me on that.”  And we just did.

Dwayne Johnson, Director of Sales

Dwayne ‘Not The Rock’ Johnson works passionately with resellers, integrators and school districts. He equips them with and trains them to use 21st-century technology and learning in the classroom that is designed to improve teacher performance and student outcomes. In Dwayne’s words, Will Ferrell summarized tech uptake best when he said “Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet to see who they really are.”

Garry Wu, Engineering

Garry likes to give teachers the best software they should use, give sales the best tools they can fight to win, the software has to connect all the devices and teacher’s talent together. In Pathway, we learn from everyone’s innovations and Garry likes to make it visible in software.  Here is his words, “Innovation is the pathway to success!”

James Chavez, Technical Support Engineer

James Chavez is committed to keeping customers smiling. Although his area of expertise is support, he’s equally adept at demonstrating to prospects, driving vans to trade shows, and helping his colleagues improve their pitch with keen customer insights. He describes himself as creative and knowledgeable. Everyone around him would add “never stops smiling.”