Harnessing The Power Of Communication And Connection

eGlass is a transparent light board with a built-in camera. It’s about to change the way we teach in-class, online, everywhere and anywhere. Are you ready?

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eGlass creates a one-to-one connection in any setting.

In-class, projected onto tv, board, or onto a screen using a projector.

Distance learning, for students using phones, tablets, or laptops.

Hybrid learning, where some students are in the class, and some online.

‘Flip the class’ learning, where students watch their teacher’s eGlass recording before attending class.

But what about that stack of lesson plans you created?

eGlass’s Chameleon technology enables you to pull your slides, documents and photos directly onto the screen, and automatically optimizes their color for maximum legibility. You can even draw on the document right on eGlass.

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35” and 50” sizes available.

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How it works

One simple USB connection to your computer. Then connect to your projector, board or online learners via Zoom.

One simple USB connection to your computer. Then connect to your projector, board, or online learners via Zoom.


Do I need to write backwards? No. The specially designed camera flips your image.

Does eGlass have a built-in display, so I can see myself as I write? No, you can’t see your own image onscreen. However, by positioning your computer near the camera on the audience side of the glass, you can see yourself perfectly through the glass.

Does eGlass work with PC, Mac and Chromebook? Yes - all you need is a USB input on your computer.

Do you need any special tools? No, eGlass is assembled using thumbscrews. You don’t even need a screwdriver!

Do I need special markers? No. Board markers will work - we find fluorescent blue and green ones work best.

Does eGlass only work in dark rooms? eGlass works in bright and dark environments. The patented ChromaClear lighting controls reduce the brightness of well-lit and otherwise busy backgrounds so that both the presenter and the ink can be highly visible.

Do I need a microphone to record my voice? No, eGlass has a built-in high fidelity mic.

How do I keep the glass clean? The patented eGlass glass surface doesn’t show smudges.You simply wipe the writing off with a soft cloth, without worrying that it has to be perfectly clean.

Is the image sharp? Yes. The camera can shoot with 4K clarity at 45fps. However, 1080p and 30fps is what we recommend.

What can I control? The control panel features lighting dimmers for the glass and the presenter, an exposure control to optimize subject and background light, and a record and snapshot button.

What comes with eGlass? An eGlass frame, support legs, a camera arm, thumb screws, anti-reflection hood, camera arm support stabilizer bricks, filter adaptor and 1 polarized filter, cleaning cloth, neon markers, and quick start guide.