A mission to amplify engagement... and learning

"Education should stimulate the learner's mind, inspire curiosity and bring out the creative genius in every student." - Ji Shen, Founder, Pathway

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Pathway Innovations and Technologies develops and produces market-changing products that drive engagement and interaction in learning environments.

In 2010, Pathway launched the HoverCam, a document camera that today is in more than 400,000 classrooms across North America. 

eGlass was developed in 2020 to address antiquated board writing systems that discouraged teacher-student connection in classrooms, and were completely unsuited for hybrid or remote learning. 

Other successful Pathway innovations include the award-winning HoverCam Flex software and HoverCam Pilot digital podiums. 

The eGlass Story

eGlass was inspired by accident – literally – when Pathway’s founder Ji Shen was injured in an outdoor activity, and attended an online lecture while recuperating at home.

The lecturer, Professor Matt Anderson, incorporated a unique ‘writing glass’. This glass panel enabled him to write on the surface, and have a camera record both his face and the writing from the opposite side. Ji was intrigued by the engaging effect of seeing both the writing and the lecturer’s face, gaze and gestures at the same time. He was also excited at the opportunity for improvement: finding a way that the instructor wouldn’t need to write backwards, for example. 

Today, multiple patents later, eGlass is being launched into classrooms across North America. Originally conceived as a tool for online learners, eGlass has proven itself a powerful tool for creating higher student engagement in classroom settings – both for ‘sage on the stage’ teaching and small groups.