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Cheddar Innovates: What this high-tech classroom whiteboard means for the future of education.

Ji Shen, CEO of eGlass by Pathway, joins 'Cheddar Innovates' to discuss how eGlass is helping students and teachers stay engaged.

Into Tomorrow, with Dave Graveline: Keeping students engaged with eGlass.

One of the challenges teachers face is keeping students engaged. eGlass helps connect to students in a new, and very unique way.

eGlass is a new form of classroom information delivery.

Futurist Charlie Fink reviews eGlass on Spatial Beats, the weekly series from AR Insider.

FierceEducation: eGlass helps educators navigate the new world of learning.

What at first glance seems like a transparent whiteboard, is actually a sophisticated piece of technology that offers ease to navigating the new world of education.

The Good Life: Making sure students are engaged.

Coming out of the pandemic, educators needed to make a shift. How did eGlass help?

NBC: Reimagining what schools could look like.

Schools have been highly incented to ramp up learning technology post-pandemic. eGlass will enable them to accelerate.

Introducing eGlass, a new form of classroom information delivery.

The goal of eGlass is to make learning more effective, regardless of the setting.

Tech It Out with Marc Saltzman: Introducing eGlass, a revolutionary education tool.

Tech podcaster Marc Saltzman explores the powerful advantages eGlass gives to teachers working to connect with students.

Class Tech Tips: How a transparent lightboard can transform your classroom.

With a quick setup, eGlass can take the simple action of writing on board to model a concept to the next level.

Tech Talk: The future of learning in schools, and how it's changing education.

The pandemic provided an opportunity to reimagine what school could look like - even when kids come back to class.

The Weekly Blend with Marcia Kish: Here's how we can get students engaged.

Blended learning expert Marcia Kish explores eGlass, a tool that will engage students, no matter what classroom setting.

What Is Knowledge Blocking, and How Do You Prevent It?

The slate blackboard was invented by James Pillans in Edinburgh in 1801. The greenboard, a less-fragile steel and enamel iteration, gained prominence in the 1960s. In the 1980s, the whiteboard made its debut.