"The very first time I used it, I wish I could've recorded the 'Whoooooaaaaah!' I mean, it was everywhere in the classroom!"
Jamie Favorite
7th Grade Math Teacher, California
"It's so cool that you can see the teacher, see them talking, as they're writing at the same time. So you can listen and learn, but you can also see them doing it, so it's visual learning, too."
Middle School Student, California
"When I got to write on the eGlass in front of my classmates, I felt powerful!"
Anthony Ruggieri
Middle School Student, California
"With the use of eGlass, I'm able to monitor and pay attention to what all my students are doing, even if they're broken into different stations throughout the classroom. And I'm able to record each lesson I do in small groups, to use for other small group sessions."
Marcia Kish
Blended Learning Specialist, Teacher, Ohio
"When I first had eGlass in my classroom, my principal and assistant principal would actually come into the class and say 'Stop, wait, show me what this is!' They were so impressed by it. My principal said 'We need this in our district!'"
Andi Jahnke
Elementary School Art Teacher, Ohio
"When you use a black pen on a regular whiteboard, it makes school more boring. But eGlass changes colours and uses neon pens that are really bright. And that makes school really fun."
Elementary Student, California
"In my math class, I'm really short and I sit at the back. But I can still see everything the teacher is writing on eGlass. And it was fun… I didn't even feel like I was doing school work."
Middle School Student, California
"My experience so far is that eGlass is amplifying the teacher I already am. It's taking the lessons I'd do on a wall whiteboard, and putting my face in the lesson."
Will Stuart
High School Teacher, California
"I liked that you could look at the teacher and their writing on a TV. If you looked at them through the eGlass, their writing was backwards, but on the TV, their writing was forward and you could see their face."
Elementary School Student, California
"The eGlass experience is really cool for students. They're visual learners, and loved coming up to give visual input on the eGlass in front of the class. I love the enthusiasm from my class. Every time they come up to the board to demonstrate their understanding of a concept, you can see the big smile and you know they're thinking 'Oh my gosh, I'm going to do this!' And they didn't even need to be trained - all they had to do was use a marker."
Jon Corippo
Education Consultant, Author, Teacher, California